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January 15, 2013

There is a segment of our population that has become rabid about any type of control on the purchase or possession of what are obviously “weapons of war.” Across our airwaves has come a bevy of screams and threats of bloodshed that if uttered by a person of the Muslim faith would be a ticket to Guantanamo, Cuba – no “Warrant”, “Lawyer”, or rights. If that is what the National Rifle Association (NRA) wants to promote then maybe the officers of that less than glorious organization should be the first to RESIGN.

It would do those that are screaming Second Amendment rights a lot of good to read the entire present day edition of the Constitution. They would find that there have been twenty-seven (27) amendments to that august document since its inception. The first the first ten (10) became effective December 15, 1971. The last seventeen range in dates from February 7, 1795 to May 7, 1992. Amendment XXVII was actually a redo of an amendment proposed in 1768, that if ratified would have made our original Bill of Rights Eleven (11) instead of Ten.

Now that the ground work has been laid, it might not be in the best interest of the gun lobby, who has spent vast amounts of money trying to terrify all gun owners, to work with congress for a reasonable and enforceable control of weapons if not of mass destruction of great destruction.!

A person hoarding five, or more, AR-15s, Bushmasters, Uzies, and thousands of rounds of ammunition to keep up with the hoarder down the street is ridiculous. In order to control this mindset, that anyone having an armory in in their home is an armed disciplined militia, is ludicrous. The manufacturers of guns instigated the inception of and financed the NRA. Those gun and ammunition manufacturers fund a major portion of the support for the NRA lobby aimed at congress. Their reasoning, the faster a gun will shoot, the more ammunition and worn out gun parts can be sold.

Enough support from the populace for a constitutional amendment would force the NRA and the die-hard survivalists to come to the table to reach a reasonable solution to a horrific situation.

With full public support, the 27th Amendment was ratified in six (6) months. Let us do the same and get these guns off the streets!


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