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Medicare/Social Security

February 13, 2013

To include Social Security and Medicare into the broad entitlement category of government hand-outs is a gross error.  These programs were set up to be paid by deductions from workers paychecks and a tax on their employer in lieu of health insurance and retirement plans.

Social Security remained a government managed program with an abundance of cash on hand until the Republicans decided that it would be a good source of government income to finance their “trickle down” economics.   The same fiscal plan under the last three Republican presidencies has meant disaster for the middle-class and senior citizens.  The main problem with the fluidity of Social Security is not the “baby boomers” retiring.  It is corporations moving overseas to avoid paying capital gains taxes and livable wages to American workers.  If three percent of the presently unemployed were put back to work at a livable wage jobs, their contributions to Social Security and Medicare, (along with the natural decline of “baby boomers”), would correct and sustain both programs!

Those that blame Social Security going broke on the longevity of today’s populace as opposed to when it was instituted, is a myth “preached to the people.  Social Security is going broke because the United States Government cannot pay back the General Fund moneys borrowed to  operate the Government  under Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and ’George W. Bush.  At the conclusion of their presidential terms, all three presidents left this country in much more deeply in debt than when they took office.  Along with using up the Social Security Trust Fund, Reagan and Bush Sr. also raised taxes on the middle-class to offset their tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy. George W. Bush did cut taxes for the middle-class, the wealthy and corporations but not equally.  Those tax cut was not tied to the closing of loop-holes in the tax codes.  Not closing those loop-holes enabled the corporations and wealthy to pay far less in taxes (as a percentage of taxable income) than the rest of the working population…

To raise the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security is not feasible without taking into consideration work being performed and physical condition of the worker.  Not all jobs involve sitting at a desk all day.  Most require a major portion of work-time to be spent on one’s feet or on their feet, lifting and walking a large amount of the time.

If all states expanded Medicaid and established a Health Insurance Exchange in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, a good portion of the problems with Medicare could be resolved. Portions of the Affordable Care Act that deal with prevention of sicknesses such as diabetes, cancer screening, physiological counseling and women’s health issues would greatly decrease health costs in the future. To go along with prevention, Medical Facilities and Doctors would come into the 21st century, and through modern technology sharply cut down the cost of repeating tests and hospitalizations for the same illnesses. Lastly, requiring individuals to participate in health insurance plans will significantly reduce America’s over-the-top medical costs!



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