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Voting Precinct Meetings Not A Waste

March 10, 2013


WHAT IS A PRECINCT?  Ideally, one’s start on the path to becoming involved in politics, local or national, needs to begin at the beginning. This is the bi-annual Party Precinct Meeting!

WHAT IS A PRECINCT MEETING?  It is the start of the process of establishing goals of one’s political party – from precinct to county to state and national levels. Your Precinct – identified by number – is shown on your “Voter Identification Card” which you received from the County Election Board. Oklahoma is divided into five (5)  State Congressional Districts.  All of Stephens County is in State Congressional District #4.

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF A PRECINCT MEETING?  At a Precinct Meeting, elections will be held for the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary within each precinct. These persons will be your delegates to the County Convention. You may also present Resolutions (changes or additions to the existing politic party’s National Platform). Said resolutions are forwarded to County, District, State and eventually on to the National Convention for consideration. If you do not participate in the Precinct Meeting you will not be eligible to attend any of the conventions. That is why it is critical, if you are interested at all in participating in your government, that you get involved at the Precinct level.


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