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Wanted: Reliable Full-Time Legislators

March 29, 2013

Would you like a part-time job, paid for a full-time position at a salary well above the national average with a staff to run your errands? If you said, “yes, “run to the State Elections Board, plop down your money and declare your candidacy for United States Senator or Representative. Those individuals tell us they work long hours, sometimes well into the night. What they do not mention is their Tuesday afternoon to Thursday morning working schedule. Most of that time is spent out of chambers doing what?  Usually, their staff or lobbyists are writing their briefs or bills for them and/or researching pending issues (if any). Recently, it has been exposed that the bills that these self-same legislators present to the floor are written by partisan groups.

If you want a part-time job with a slightly-better-than-national average salary, apply at the same office for a State elected legislative position. You will not have as large a staff or have to travel a great distance to work, but unlike your federal compatriots, you will be expected to finish your required assignment on a specified date. 

With the number of holidays the federal government recognizes (67) plus the allotted 3-weeks-vacation time for our national legislators, along with their 3 day workweek, “Congressional Legislator” is a very lucrative position.

The House of Representatives was originally established as

the house of the People. It has become the House of the Millionaires.

The Senate was the Body of the Landed. It is now the Body of Multi-

Millionaires.” (Author unknown)

Friday, March 23, the United States Congress departed on an additional 2 weeks Easter recess (vacation).  Apparently, they have worked so hard on so many unimportant bills dealing with mundane subjects, they will need to rest up for the topics of “immigration” and “gun safety.”

As reported on March 13, 1023, by the conservative National Journal, “The House has been in session 36 days in 2013 and the Senate just 33.”  They are about on schedule in comparison to last year when they were in session a little over one-third of the year.

The National Rifle Association has already written “anti-gun control”  talking points for the neo-conservatives, while hopeful presidential candidates from the Republican Party have their proposals on “immigration” ready.

As usual, the Democrats, who have been elected in “red” and “purple” states are holding up the parade on both “immigration,”  “assault weapons,” and “oversized ammunition magazines.”  At some time, the Democratic Representatives and Senators of these states have to take a stand on what they truly believe. A case in point is former Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb) who held the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act hostage and, after passage, would not run for re-election.

Our Oklahoma legislators have also been hard at work. How productive that work has been depends on which side of the aisle you sit on. They, like their federal counterparts, have come up with a large number of proposed laws on a very limited number of issues. There have been attempts to over-turn The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act though the United States Supreme Court has legitimized the Act. While wanting limited government in their lives, they still push for more ways the state government can interfere with a woman’s right to freely oversee her health. They have turned the funding bucket upside down to come up with ways to cut the size of government by de-funding needed social, educational and safety programs of this state (this has become a favorite tactic of both state and federal legislators).

When the economists finally get a figure on the damage State Question 765 (passed by the people in 2012) and the present push to cut individual income taxes to 5 percent or less does to our state revenues, we may learn a hard lesson in already failed supply-side-economics.!




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