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Restuarant Opportunities Center United

April 20, 2013
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Today, ROC is excited to announce the the formation of RAISE (Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards in Employment), an alternative restaurant association of nearly 100 business owners across the country who will fight for the real needs of business owners and employers—and the workers they employ—instead of big corporate interests and lobbyists. This week the National Restaurant Association, which employs lobbyists representing some of the country’s largest chain restaurant corporations, is scheduled to come to the Hill for their annual “lobby day.” “For too long Congress has heard only from the National Restaurant Association—the other NRA—which represents corporate lobbyists in the restaurant industry,” said Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of ROC United. “RAISE represents the voices of small sustainable restaurant owners who make long term profits by providing livable wages and benefits to their employees.”


RAISE aims to support small and medium-sized business owners as they move towards the “High Road” to profitability by raising the standards by which we do business.  “High Road” practices include:


·      Livable wages, tipped and non-tipped

·      Paid sick days

·      Access to affordable health care

·      Safe and healthy workplace

·      Diverse and equitable employment

·      Career advancement opportunities

·      Responsible immigration reform

·      Environmental sustainability


Rep. George Miller (D-CA), sponsor of the recently introduced Fair Minimum Wage Act, and WAGES Act sponsor Rep. Donna F. Edwards (D-MD) will join ROC United co-director Saru Jayaraman and several member employers to discuss the need to increase the minimum wage for all restaurant employees, including those who work for tips, and to raise standards in the restaurant industry by supporting sustainable and fair  practices.




Some of ROC’s RAISE members include:

For more on our RAISE partners, read ROC’s report                                             “Taking the High-Road: A How-To Guide for Successful Restaurant Employers” here.

Media advisory availablehere. 





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Across the nation, we’re talking about justice for restaurant workers:

4/17 – NYC at COLORS                                             4/18 – NYC at New School                                             4/20 – UCLA Downtown Labor Center
Details here.

The latest from ROC                                             & Saru Jayaraman

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