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Why Is Gun Violence NOT Terrorism?

April 30, 2013


Why is Gun Violence NOT “Terrorism?”

We have let others define what terrorism means. It does not take an explosive device or bomb to terrify an individual. A massacre of 26 or the death of 3 does not define terrorism. Any act of violence will cause terror in some way.

The United States Senate, a few minutes before midnight on April 17th, decided that a massacre of 26 individuals, using assault-style guns, was not terrorism. Instead, almost half of the senators voted against the watered-down gun safety bill. They should not have “caved in,” but should have voted to require background checks for “internet” and “gun show” sales of weapons.

To bow to the whims of the NRA – and its lies about the content of this bare bones safety measure regarding the sale of guns to criminals, those with mental challenges and spousal abusers – is criminal!

To have either legislative branch of our government held hostage by the gun and ammunition companies – many outside of the United States – does not speak well for our democracy. In fact, if this were an election year with all the anticipated money flowing to individuals who voted against the gun safety provisions, a cry would be raised calling for a congressional inquiry into a conspiracy based on foreign influences of those senators.

Non-partisan polling agencies across the U.S.A. have established that 90 percent of the population wants stronger controls on the sales of all guns. For our elected officials, our representatives in government, to ignore the will of a vast majority of the voting population is portraying greed.  They are showing all of us that Money triumphs over Morals.

Even though the Toomey-Manchin bill clearly stipulated that, a “gun registry” would not be allowed by government or private agencies, that restriction is actually inconsequential. The U.S. Supreme Court’s prior rulings prohibit such registries. This voted-down bill would have placed a mandatory 15-year prison sentence on any governmental group or individual constructing such a list. The NRA told you differently. They lied. Senator Coburn lied about the proposed background checks raising your taxes, while Senator Inhofe would rather spend his time at money-raising fish fries at Lake Texhoma than working with a bipartisan group to arrive at a consensus for gun safety!

All over-zealous gun owners are up in arms over the capacity of clips that can be purchased. There is already a limit on the number of rounds that can be loaded into a shotgun to hunt migratory birds. Therefore, I suppose a bird’s life is worth more than the lives of children, teachers, innocent bystanders or any human being.  According to the Huffington Post, the NRA spent between 1.5 and 2.7 Million Dollars on congressional lobbying from 2001 to 2010. During the 2010 elections, that same group spent 7.2 Million Lobbying Dollars. Gun/ammunition manufacturers GAVE the NRA 38.9 Million Dollars to FIGHT GUN SAFETY!

The constitutionality of Toomey-Manchin’s legislation was upheld by two Supreme Court decisions, District of Colombia v. Heller in 2008 and  McDonald v. City of Chicago in 2010, both decisions from a conservative court.











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