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What is ALEC

May 26, 2013

What is ALEC?
ALEC is an acronym for American Legislative Excellence Council, a conglomerate of companies and groups, which form the basis of the Fortune 500. It encompasses all aspects of our daily lives from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. This group has invaded all aspects of our local, state and national politics. Council members write the laws that our state and national legislators pass. They even go so far as to assure the legislators that if they are having problems getting an issue passed, ALEC’s lobbyists will provide them with the support they need to insure the passage of that problematic issue.

ALEC’s annual meeting, held in Oklahoma City May 3 & 4 of this year, is a clear example of the hold that this organization has on our elected officials. Governor Fallin – ALEC “Legislator of the Year” for 2009 – gave the keynote address at this year’s meeting. With the exception of opening remarks, the meeting was closed to the public and press if known to disagree with ALEC policies. That “smacks” of suppression of the free press and/or expression, doesn’t it??

The power of ALEC is displayed in the actions they took with a particular group known to oppose ALEC’s influence on our elected officials. A group of concerned citizens and civil rights groups had contracted with the Cox Convention Center for a room in which to hold a community forum. When ALEC organizers found out about the forum, they pressured the Center to cancel the contract. Instead of a room, the group’s forum was redirected to the hockey floor of the Center. Being as stalwart as our pioneer ancestors, the community forum was held under “rather frigid” – rather than “warmly welcoming” – conditions. I wonder how many “pieces of silver” purchased that shabby performance by the Cox Center management??

ALEC also focuses on turning ALL government services into for-profit entities. This actually began with the out-sourcing of services to the military. We know what happed to the privatization of the food service part of the military. Extreme corruption, waste and security escalated quickly.

The next big push of ALEC is the privatization of our education system.
Oklahoma’s legislators are already following in the footsteps of Florida in transitioning of our public schools to for-profit companies. There is a reason the federal public education system was formed – to insure that all citizens, regardless of financial ability, have the opportunity to pursue a proper education. Privatizing our schools will result in more than half of our children under educated!

The majority of our legislators look to Texas and Kansas for a lopsided tax system. Then they look to Arkansas for a workers’ compensation plan that is not worker friendly.

It is time for our legislators to look at Oklahoma and pass legislation that is beneficial to our citizens, NOT their corporate backers!


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