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Not Fair and Definately Biased

October 7, 2014

In a recent opinion article of 700+ words, bloger “Fair and Biased” explained to his readers why the Oklahoma Supreme Court was justified in its decision to declare the display of the “10 Commandments” on the Oklahoma State Capital grounds a waste of time.
The author lives in what is referred to as the outer fringes of the “Bible Belt”. If you belong to any other religious sect than his, you can forget about displaying a “monument” to your faith.
The reference to the piety of one of the nation’s founding fathers was bitter humor. One of the individuals referred to was a slave owner who elevated his mistress (African American slave) to “Lady of the House” upon his wife’s death.
If the claim is true, that the United States was founded with the guidance of God, then why were the rights of all people not immediately recognized by those that formed the Constitution?
Any reference to the “10 Commandments” being the corner stone of the Constitution’s “Bill of Rights” is ludicrous. As an example, the “10 Commandments” of his faith does not differentiate between races. It does not allow every individual the right to as many military assault weapons as they desire.
What is never discussed is one of the original reasons for the mass exodus to the “New World”, i.e., to escape the religious extremes of European countries’ laws. That exodus was foremost in the minds of the writers of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Thus, because of those early repressions by European governments and the continued repressions by the earliest immigrants, authors of our Constitution made very certain to include the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!


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