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Will 2015 be a year of action or complacency?

January 13, 2015

Article was published in Duncan, OK Banner January 7, 2015.

2015 – The Year of Action or Complacency?
Scaring the population of the United States about living in a republic democracy that is seemingly on a social decline – similar to Ancient Greece or Italy’s Roman Empire – does a great disservice to all.
Politically, neither of the ancient forms of “democracy” mentioned were truly democratic. Both were governed by the landed who embraced both serfdom and slavery. These governments have mistakenly been referred to as “democracies” only because the ruling administrations were elected by the chosen few.
Both societies suffered the downfall of their “democracies” because the wealthier ruling class continued to gain wealth to the detriment of the rest of their populations.
The only comparison to the United States and those ”democratic” societal collapses is our country’s divided philosophy surrounding the “Emancipation Proclamation, dissolving slavery. The ensuing Civil War only magnified divisive national philosophies. As our 21st Century gets underway, the continuing battle for Equality for All is progressing at a rate unheard of in the last two centuries.
Nevertheless, if we use the philosophy that “all things have to be equal before total complacency begins,” our societal downfall should be of little concern for the next couple of centuries.
In his political article of December 19, 2014, the author delineated the eight steps through which the world’s past societies have progressed. This reminder is why each of us must become involved in our political processes! If we, as a society, wish to circumvent that progression back to “bondage,” political action is critical!
Alexander Fraser Tytler, a Scottish historian at the 18th Century University of Edinborough, was the source of the eight steps mentioned above. Tytler, a firm believer in government by monarchy, claimed that “selfishness” was the slippery slope upon which a government reverts to what he claimed was “bondage”. Those who have and believe they should be the only ones with a right to more wealth are the selfish people. Thankfully, although they control our daily lives with their riches, just as the plutocrats of Greece and Rome ded, they are far outnumbered.
Of Tytler’s “8 steps to the decay of a democracy,” we democrats are rolling along in the middle of his list. “Complacency” has become our by-line. The earlier X-Y-Z generation of “let the others do our thinking for us” has produced a current generation of Millennials who apathetically declare “I am not interested” and/or “My vote will not count or change anything.”
This, my friends, is why the previous “Democracies” failed. If our great nation is to remain a standard which all countries can admire, we need to lose our selfishness, complacency and apathy and regain our principle of Equality for All!
We must actively participate in the political process of our communities, states and federal government. Participation starts at the local Precinct level and continues to the National Party level. You may not agree with all that the National Committee places in its platform, but don’t digress by “hiding your head in the sand.” Without participation, you cannot change anything. Thus, you will have no right to complain about how your government is functioning.
Today, our biggest concern should not be that small percentage of our population which is dependent on assistance in order to survive. Instead, our country’s societal downfall may well be the growing abyss between the wealthy, middle class, and our population living at or below the poverty level. There have always been those that have had to depend upon the social conscience of others to survive. It is only the greediest of humankind that would rather ignore the plight of those individuals suffering from malnutrition and poor health.


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